Why Starting Your Website Is An Important Factor For Your Startup

Being An Entrepreneur Or Startup

A lot of people want to have side hustles. While, others simply want to be a digital nomad. This is understandable because not all of us are highly paid. Yes, like it or not, daily wages from your office job may be barely enough to meet yours. Also, some of us have student loans to pay too. We here at Robin Design Services also feel it too. This is why we started this website. Yes, Robin Design Services started as a side hustle. We understand the needs of Entrepreneurs and Start Ups so we want to provide the best value in starting your website at affordable prices.

It is pretty crucial for Entrepreneurs and Startups to avail of the best bang for buck services. Having a little capital means no room for error. Also, availing of a bad services may mean that your end product become affected. Remember that a bad product means customers steering clear from you and harder to make a sale. This may even affect future customers through bad reviews or feedback. This is why as Entrepreneurs and Startups we must make sure our products are good, if not the best we can make.

Of course, other than a good product and starting your website, your business needs good marketing. A brand and a website where people will go to check out your business.other than a website, you will need good marketing strategies. A good SEO ready website can make your site known to others through search engines. We offer managed website services and SEO services. We believe two of the most crucial services new businesses need as they launch their business.

Basic Services Startups Need

There are some basic services startups really need. As mentioned previously, one is a website. Another is good marketing.


A website is like the face of your business.This is where people find a lot of information. From contact us to the products you offer. Yes this is one basic needs for your business nowadays. Especially when people search for products. They mostly search Google nowadays. What does this mean? Well if your business does not have a website then chances are, they will not know that you exist. That’s one sale that did not happen because you did not have a website. Another scenario is when you pushed through in starting your website. However, it’s so poorly designed the potential customer simply clicked away from your site. A decent design is also important for businesses. Something that loads properly and fast enough. Also, something that don’t gross out potential clients or make them think it’s a scam. We also offer to rebuild your website design. Do you need a website makeover? We offer to rebuild your website’s CSS and Basic js. We want to make your website looking good. However, that means we mostly edit the css and basic js. We do not integrate or rebuild any of your website’s advanced functionalities.

We also offer managed website services. It’s a website created and managed by us. Our service starts at $5 a month (prices vary depending on the project) for a fully functional website. That’s pretty much cheaper than 2019’s price of a month’s subscription to Netflix right?

SEO Services

Like we have said previously, when people look for products they look in search engines right? I mean there’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You just type your search and the results will appear in perhaps seconds. There are some pages or websites that appear at the very top of the results while there are some that appear at the very last. The search results are ranked by the search engines based on how “relevant” they think the website is. The rankings are based on algorithms. You can search more on that if you want to know the nitty gritty details about search engine algorithms and how search engine rankings work. We all know that we want to appear at the very top, the first page. To do when starting your website you'd want it to be optimized so that search engines see your website as first page material. This is SEO. We offer an SEO checkup that will check whether the SEO on your site is good or not. Also, we will make any recommendations that can improve your website’s SEO.

How To Make The Most Of Your Website

You must make sure you make the most use of your website. Your online presence is perhaps very important nowadays. If you have a blog, you have to make sure your website can keep up with its traffic. If you have an online store, then you have to make sure your website is secure and fast to load. There are many ways that you can make the most use of your website. For website building you can depend on our services and give you a good, if not great, website.